Vehicle motor controllers

Inmotion is a leading supplier of power electronics for the vehicle industry. We supply motor controllers (inverters) for most vehicle applications and provide a standard product portfolio that fits most applications. Our flexible and thoroughly tested PLASMA software core enables us to adjust functionality or add customized features to optimally match requirements of each individual vehicle. When an application represents sufficient volume, we can also use our standard product platforms as a baseline for customized hardware designs.

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Targeting industrial, battery powered vehicles, the ACS has been continuously improved and updated since it was first released in the mid-1990's. With nominal battery voltage 24-80 V and output power from 10 to 50 kVA, it covers the needs of a large range of applications. The 6th generation ACS was released in 2011 and is currently used on vehicles ranging from electric personal transportation vehicles, through forklift trucks and up to heavy-duty hybrid forestry machines.


These heavy duty inverters are intended for large industrial vehicles, such as buses and construction equipment. With nominal operating voltage up to 750V and up to 400kVA output power, these inverters provide dependable power in the most demanding applications. The first generation ACH was launched for mass production in 2009. The 2nd generation launches in 2015, providing a reduced footprint, lower cost and improved functionality.


APS supports electric steer-by-wire applications where functional safety is paramount. With redundant safety function supervision according to EN/ISO13849, it will satisfy the stringent safety requirements of the planned updates to the European machinery. The APS is compatible  with multiple motor/sensor arrangements and can function as controller of a stand-alone steering sub-system, as a slave steering controller, or as a mix of the two extremes. Additionally, the APS will serve in other, non-steering, applications where a small inverter is needed.

Platform philosophy

To capitalize on field experience from a wide array of applications, as well as to maximize test coverage of the power electronic designs, Inmotion has decided to invest in robust and flexible product platforms. This allows us to re-use proven and well-functioning design modules that are continuously improved and updated to reflect best practice.

Our complete line of electronic products shares our proprietary PLASMA firmware core. The PLASMA firmware provides common standard functions, ranging from basics such as vector control of various motor types and standard communication protocols such as CANopen and J1939, to higher level functions such as speed and position control and recurring vehicle control tasks. It is easily adapted to new hardware configurations, and it contains a powerful application interface that lets us tailor functionality to each customer's exact needs. PLASMA is developed according to the stringent requirements of Automotive SPICE® and EN/ISO13849-1.

The platform philosophy lets us release new products where the individual design modules are thoroughly field tested in existing products. It also allows us to bring improvements and innovations from new projects back into existing products.

Related information

Designed for 24-80V with power ranging from 5-50kVA, the ACS family of inverters is ideally suited for most battery powered vehicles.
The ACH is designed to power large electric/hybrid vehicles with bus voltages up to 750 V and power up to 400kVA.
APS3 was designed with safety critical steer-by-wire applications in mind, but is also useful as general purpose motor controller.