General purpose vehicle master controller

With built-in CANopen master functionality and with extensive I/O possibilities and flexibility, the VMC30 is well suited to manage the requirements modern electrical vehicles, from simple to complex, have on a vehicle controller.

A well defined application software interface and our Software Development Kit (SDK) allows an OEM to perform their own application programming; either from scratch, or just customizations/additions/updates to vehicle control algorithms customized by Inmotion application engineers.

  • Designed for environment of electric vehicles, protected against ingress of water and dust to IP65
  • High number of flexible I/O
  • Pull-hold PWM outputs for e.g. brake coil or on/off valves
  • Up to 10 current control PWM outputs with redundant shut-down for precise control of proportional valves
  • Wide operating voltage range from 24 to 80 V nominal battery voltage
  • Built-in USB port lets the VMC act as gateway to PC service software without need of external USB to CAN dongle
  • Advanced firmware platform with CANopen master functionality, as well as other core functions for vehicle control programming
  • Software development kit for fast and reliable application programming
  • Fast startup with native support for Inmotion inverters and auxilliary products
  • Easy to integrate any standard CANopen product in your vehicle
  • Optional real time clock (RTC)

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