InMotion brings extensive experience in the design and production of a variety of motors to today’s electric vehicle market. Initially specializing in low-voltage motors addressing the harsh environmental requirements of fork-lifts, InMotion has through the years developed extensive expertise in motors and generators for both high-voltage and low-voltage vehicle applications.  Whether you need an efficient PM motor or generator solution, a lower cost induction solution or an efficient high-power generator for your hybrid vehicle, InMotion can help.

Product overview


Rugged Brushless PMAC motor

ASM is a family of motors with power levels from 600 W to 2 kW for system voltages between 12 V and 120 V. The ASM is designed with fly-by wire steering and accessory applications in mind which makes it an ideal choice for most battery-powered electric vehicles. ASM’s flexible design allows use in a variety of other low-voltage applications.

The ASM is a PMAC motor, providing superior stall torque, higher efficiency and improved low speed performance compared to a BLDC-motor.


Low voltage Generator/Motor

The GSM is a family of permanent magnet synchronous AC Generators featuring continuous power levels from 14kW to 24kW, designed for SAE5 engine interfaces. Ideal for Hybrid vehicle applications, the GSM integrates seamlessly with InMotion ACS controllers to provide efficient vehicle power generation.


AC induction motor for 24-80V electric vehicle applications

TSW are efficient, durable and low-maintenance AC induction motors, providing competitive cost of ownership in your customer’s electric vehicle. Designed to optimize efficiency and performance together with Inmotion's ACS inverters, TSW motors run well with any other inverters as well.

A wide selection of frame size, stack length, as well as winding options, ensure that speed/torque characteristics are optimized for each application. The standard product range supports power ranges from 4 kW to 50 kW.

Custom motors

Motors to match your demanding application

InMotion custom motor solutions allow optimized motors specifically tailored to your demanding mobile application. Whether you need a compact, high efficiency air cooled motor to integrate with your specific mechanical interface, or a liquid cooled high voltage motor to fit your space constraints, InMotion should be your partner of choice. Our long experience developing custom motor solutions for challenging applications ensures short time to market with your custom solution.

InMotion’s experience of multiple of motor technologies, frame sizes, stack length and winding configurations ensures that speed/torque characteristics are optimized for each application.

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