The ongoing electrification and hybridization of the global agricultural fleet is a fact. In a market with equipment of all sizes Inmotion, with vast experience in both low power and high power vehicles, is in a unique position to assist in the design of electric and hybrid solutions for both vehicles and implements.

An experienced vehicle engineering partner

Inmotion is, and has been an active participant in the hybridization of in-city transportation for years. We have the products and engineering capabilities to develop complex systems and the organization to manufacture and supply components globally.

Our efficient high voltage motors/generators and inverters are in operation in buses and trucks since 2009, with thousands of systems delivered to some of the most demanding fleet operators in the world.

A global high-volume, long-term supplier

Inmotion's global footprint allows us to offer engineering services, product support and to manufacture components in the regions where you build your vehicles—reducing currency risk, ensuring reliable supply, and responding to local requirements throughout North America, Europe and Asia. Find out more about our global organization here.

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ACH 100-750 V
Efficient synchronous PM motors give highest efficiency and power density
DC/DC converter provides 12/24 V power from the high voltage generator/battery
ACS GEN6 24-80 V
TSW induction motor
ASM motor
GSM generator/motor
APS3 steer-by-wire