A sustainable future

How we work - for a sustainable future

Inmotion envisions a sustainable future for our planet. Inmotion's products contribute to a global reduction of CO2, but we also work with sustainability in six areas, which are connected to United Nation’s 17 sustainable development goals (SDG).

These are the sustainability focus areas of Inmotion:

Recyclable materials

In our production, we aim to use recyclable consumables. For example, most of the packing material Inmotion uses can be recycled. In 2019 Inmotion initiated a collaboration with KTH, Kungliga Tekniska Högskolan (Royal Institute of Technology) to further improve our environmental work in important areas of our activity.

Legislation, such as the ELV Directive, regulates handling and separation of waste material for recycling of products sold on the European market.

Hazardous waste

Inmotion works to eliminate hazardous waste from our products. We follow the rules in REACH and RoHS, which specify materials classified as hazardous and which materials are allowed to use in products.

In order to phase out hazardous materials in our products, we started working with the IMDS tool in 2019 to identify and handle hazardous materials in components from our suppliers.

Accidents at work

Inmotion’s safety committee examines all our company’s spaces every third month to make sure that no significant risks of accidents at work exist.

All incidents, from minor to major, are analysed and remedies are taken to reduce the risk of recurrences. At monthly reviews, the management follows up on all accidents at work.


Inmotion doesn’t tolerate discrimination of any kind whatever the cause. We strive for a culture of equality and diversity. This is clearly communicated to our employees through our Code of Conduct and Equality Policy. The wages are reviewed every year to bring unfair differences in payment between men and women to the surface.

Respect for human rights

Our Code of Conduct is in part based on United Nation’s Universal Declaration of Human Rights and is mandatory to follow for all employees.

Inmotion’s suppliers must follow our Supplier Code of Conduct and we perform regular reviews to ensure this.

Corruption and bribery

Our Code of Conduct encompasses corruption and bribery, and is communicated to all employees and suppliers. We will interrupt cooperation with suppliers violating our code of conduct.